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What is Anxiety?

Human beings have an inbuilt ‘fight or flight’ response, originally evolving for survival to protect us from threats in the wild. When you feel nervous, you may notice ‘butterflies in the stomach’ as your body senses danger. Anxiety symptoms can be caused by this response being activated even in non-threatening situations. This can feel overwhelming and sometimes lead to severe panic.

If stressors mount up, anxiety can become a serious problem and may lead to depression. Sometimes social situations can become unbearable for a person suffering from severe anxiety. You may have received a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder which can be a frightening prospect in itself. You deserve support and a chance to talk to a person who understands the difficulties of living with anxiety.

Help with Anxiety

My talking therapy approach allows you the space to discuss these feelings, along with any other issues, without fear of judgement. Furthermore, I work in an empathic way so we can build trust and work together, helping you to learn to cope with your anxious feelings.

This work can sometimes feel a challenge, nevertheless as an experienced counsellor, I am trained to listen and understand. This caring, therapeutic relationship promotes your self-acceptance which helps to alleviate symptoms. Furthermore, I have experience working with a wide range of clients who have experienced anxiety who have successfully completed their counselling.