Welcome to my Website, and to my first Blog post.  When I was trying to decide on a look and feel for my Site, as well as for my counselling room, I wanted to try to include as many of my core beliefs as I could, whilst keeping in mind that they'd likely be different from the beliefs of potential clients visiting my site.  With that in mind I've arrived at a look that I think incorporates my love of the environment and the sense of peace, calm and gratitude I feel when I remind myself that it's a privilege to be able to help people and hopefully make a differernce to their lives.

The photographs I've used in my headers were given to me free of charge by an exraordinary man called Paul Stevenson.  At the age of 46 Paul was diagnosed with full-blown late-onset Tourettes Syndrome, which causes him to 'tic' physically and verbally.  Paul was featured earlier this year in a BBC documentary called Employable Me, where people with neurological conditions are followed by a camera crew as they try to find employment.  In Paul's case this proved extremely difficult due to his condition, which includes involuntary verbal expressions of swearwords and phrases which under ordinary circumstances could be seen by passers by as offensive.  During the documentary it emerged that Paul had an astonising talent for photography, which as well as framing with beauty the landscape around his home in North Northumberland, also helps him to manage his Tourettes.  Since the documentary Paul has won a contract with King & McGaw, a national company who sell framed photography and artwork.

Although I've never met Paul face to face I'm in regular contact with him through social media, and when I browsed his photographic work I knew it would be perfect to represent my vision for the way I work and would complemet my love for the natural environment.  I also think Paul is a marvellous example of how in the Person-centred model of psychotherapy, which I practice, Carl Rogers believed that every individual has an innate capacity (he called it the actualising tendency) to grow as a person, despite the adversities that life can throw at us.

Further examples of Paul's work can be seen on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Paul-Stevenson-1480036688943763/

He can also be found on Instagram under the name goldylookfleece.     

Donald Ashburn