Lecturing in Counselling

Since I started working as a part-time counselling lecturer last August I've found that this has had a direct positive effect on my work in private counselling practice.  At first I wasn't sure if this would be the case, but I find that all of the extra reading and research I need to do in order to cover the wide curriculums of a counselling HNC and HND is available to me to take directly into my counselling practice.  Of course theory isn't what I'm thinking about when I'm being authentically, genuinely and empathically with a client in their greatest time of need, yet it's remarkable how the learning I pick up from all the books and other sources filter down into my counselling room. I think I've found this particularly true with work around loss and bereavement. The stages of grief as described by writers and practitioners such as William Worden and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross have certainly helped me to feel more able to understand a little of the excruciating pain that clients can experience whilst grieving the loss of a loved one. I'm looking forward to reading many more publications during my lesson planning in the knowledge that not only will it help my students but also help my clients too.   

Donald Ashburn