Donald Ashburn Counselling

What to Expect.

Whether you contact me by phone, email or through my Website, the first thing we'll do is have a chat.  We'll arrange a counselling session where I offer the first 30 minute consultation free of charge so we can decide if we feel can work together. You're welcome to stay the full hour in this first session at the full hourly rate.  If so then we'll agree the date and time of the first full session.  Counselling sessions last for 1 hour.  In the first session we'll go through some simple contracting paperwork where we cover issues like confidentiality, personal boundaries and fee payment terms. 

The most important thing for you to know is that the time is yours to explore any issues that you choose to share in the room.  The Person-centred counselling approach that I practice means that during the sessions I won't give you advice, tell you what to do or make judgements about you or your life.  Therapy comes mostly from the relationship between the counsellor and client, and I will help to nurture this relationship by offering you empathy, unconditional positive regard and a genuineness that will hopefully create the trusting conditions whereby you can find the courage to explore your deepest feelings in safety.

We will regularly review how the therapy is progressing.  This is a collaborative process between client and counsellor, which allows us to measure progress or perhaps know when it's time to end the sessions.

My counselling room is on the first floor of my home so there may be access issues for anyone identifying as having a physical disability.     

My counselling room. 

My counselling room. 

Information & Fees

  • First 30 minute consultation is free with no obligation (Full rate will be charged if you stay for the hour).

  • All subsequent sessions will be 1 hour.

  • £40 rate for each individual session.

Fees to be paid in advance or during each session by cash or cheque.  

Cancellation of appointments, please give 1 working day notice if possible.  Shorter notice may result in charge of full fee.  Non-appearance without notice will result in full fee charge.