Donald Ashburn Counselling

Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.  At any point in our lives we can feel overwhelmed to the extent where it's hard to see through the painful feelings and imagine any light can ever shine through.  Below are a few examples of the issues that clients often bring into counselling.  I have worked to help clients with all of the examples below and many others too.  If you can identify with any of these descriptions then maybe I can help. 


Active addiction can be a crippling and debilitation experience, however it is treatable and chronic sufferers can recover to lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

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Anxiety can be seen as a regular but unpleasant part of life that can affect anyone.  If you are suffering from anxiety you may feel irritable, tense, nervous, uptight or wound up. The common factor is the overwhelming effect of the body producing too much adrenaline. This results in physical symptoms that can affect daily life.

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Bereavement and Loss

When we lose a loved one it can feel like the end of our world. The natural response of grieving for our loss is a hard and extremely painful process to go through, and we all have a different and unique response to losing someone close.

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